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Jefford Curré is an artist at the forefront of a fun, faith and frolic revolution. He is making the world a cooler place through innovations in modern art, culture and lifestyle protocol. When it comes to  WINNING AGAINST INCREDIBLE ODDS, no one stacks the deck quite like him.  He heads the NEW WORLD OF BOX OFFICE EXCITEMENT, a  global community of successful network owners.

jeFfOrd CurRé
in the trial of Home Box Office
Inc. Vs. Jefford Curré.

jeFfOrd CurRé is no artificial intelligence, but an artist at the forefront of a fun, faith, and frolic revolution. He is the ruggedly cool Celebrity brand good life influencer, operating beyond the fog of cancel culture, algorithms, and popular opinions. If the opposition trial of HOMEBOX OFFICE Inc. Vs. JEFFORD CURRÉ did not make it into historical public records, no one would have ever believed it. After almost a year and a half of an all out legal proceeding before the trial board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, HBO withdrew, with prejudice. The worldwide multi media broadcast entertainment corporation was attempting to stop the trademark registration of Jefford’s NEW WORLD OF BOX OFFICE EXCITEMENT. Home Box Office Inc. is the producers of television shows such as Sex in the City, Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos, VEEP, Succession, True Detective, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boardwalk Empire, Silicon Valley, Girls, True Blood and Big little lies, just to name a few. Everyone was convinced that there was no way Jefford could come out on top fighting back against such a powerful corporation. His surprising defeat of the major conglomerate’s opposition sent shock waves throughout the film entertainment industry.

jeFfOrd CurRé
takes center stage.

Around the same time the trial was reaching final judgment, subscribers couldn’t help noticing that the long-established HBO logo was removed from the streaming service, leaving the Max logo on its own. Many viewers believe that it might have been a part of an undisclosed settlement agreement, however, the mild man of action insists that it was not because of him and takes no responsibility for that decision. JEFFORD CURRÉ – NEW WORLD OF BOX OFFICE EXCITEMENT takes center stage at a time when Artists, Writers and Career changing professionals are bracing for a major culture shift in the rapidly advancing 700 billion dollar streaming industry.

jeFfOrd CurRé

A modern-day David and Goliath story,
that makes all the little guys feel good.

“WINNING AGAINST INCREDIBLE ODDS” is the Jefford Curré documentary that bullies hope you never see. More importantly it attempts to answer the one question everyone wants to know. How in the world did an average guy with no powerful influential family, no tight government connections, no formal legal training and no trust fund, survive a year and a half long Intellectual Property trial? How could he have represented himself and single handedly, take on a giant establishment represented by a top ten law firm that specializes in IP law and houses fifty lawyers? How did he end up a winner against such incredible odds? As the festive celebration continues, internet streaming fans are calling it a massive take down of a bully, in the battle for the New World Of Box Office Excitement. Critics call it an uncontestable big-league win, a modern-day David and Goliath story that makes all the little guys feel good.

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