Raw, slightly radical, cool and wild.
''Not afraid to be free from drugs, alcohol and profanity''.

Jefford Curré is an award-winning artist
at the forefront of a fun, faith and frolic revolution!

To some he's a jet-setting superstar with a Midas touch. To others he's a
trusted lifestyle leader. Whatever your take may be, one thing remains without contest.
Jefford Curré is more than just a cool pop culture icon. He is an artist beyond compare.
A powerful inspiration to anyone who struggles to make impossible dreams
come true, in work, play, business and relationships.





For many fans,
Jefford Curré
is the new metric
by which real time superstardom
is measured.

Jefford Curré is an artist beyond
compare, making the world a cooler place
without compromise or apology.

Echoing the sentiments of organic joy seekers, JEFFORD CURRÉ connects a worldwide tribe of really cool people who want the same thing – a lifestyle of abundance, slightly radical love and a wildly advancing culture, not afraid to be free from drugs, alcohol and profanity”.  Jefford Curré is an  artist at the forefront of a fun,  faith and frolic revolution, living it up with a level of unconventional cool confidence. For a complex demographic struggling for clarity on issues of sex, politics and religion, Jefford provides a way of escape from a world of uncertainties and negative vibrations like no other. Critics call his amphitheater presentations a dope masterpiece that rips with no validation, what’s even worst, he’s not even trying to be like the rest. Defying the rules of performance aesthetics, he incites an infectious riot of a good time.

from a complex
demographic struggling
 for clarity on sex, politics
 and religion,
provides a
way of escape
like no other.


Jefford Curré is a highly sought after Box-office lifestyle accountability coach for artist, writers, career changing professionals and family empires making a transition into the new world of box-office excitement.

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