Who will win?
”Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal of Honor”
The most coveted award in the new world of box-office excitement.

 The highest accolade in box-office entrepreneuring excellence.

Best Box-Office Innovation, Best Animation/Comedy Film, Best Feature Film, Best Student Film, Best Horror Film,  Best Thriller, Best Entertainment Science Project, Best Crime Film, Best Romantic Comedy Film, Best Mystery Film,  Best Parody, Best live Stage Performance, Best Western Film, Best Original Drama,  Kindness & Philanthropy, Best Fantasy Film,  Best Sci-Fi Adventure film, Best Documentary, Best Micro Film, Best Web Series, Best Music Video, Best Experimental Film, Performance Art, Best Film Trailer, Best Screenplay, Best Original Story 

Now into its third year,

  ”Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal of Honor”

continues to empower, as it salutes

the outstanding work of leaders

in the new world of box-office excitment. 

William Butler, Terrance Rodgers, Pema Dorjee, Allen Bellman, Carlos Heredia and Christian S. Aluas are among just a few of the winners of the ”Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal of Honor”.

—————————-  DISCLAIMER   —————————-

”Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal of Honor” presentation is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be the bases of any decision, be it personal, business or otherwise. The ”Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal of Honor” does not and cannot guarantee the validity of any individual or organization. However it attempts to the best of its ability and with help from the public to reach a reasonable  evaluation of each nominee and winner. It is with good intent all medals are  entrusted to the winners, but shall technically remain the property of the presenter.  The medal should not be sold, defaced, loaned out or given away. It should be displayed only by the winner, at the winners’ discretion. The presenter reserves the right to award, postpone, delay, cancel, revoke or not award the medal at any time, with or without notice. All presentations are made in the spirit of good faith. Presenters do not represent the nominees or winners and likewise nominees  or winners do not represent the presenters. They share perhaps, only one thing in common – the joy that comes only by serving others 

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